Full-Stack, Integrated Sensor-to-Cloud IoT Platform

While the IoT offers significant benefits and opportunities for business innovation, it can be challenging to deploy.
AES is dedicated to helping companies successfully connect physical devices to the digital world by reducing the complexity involved in developing and deploying IoT applications.

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minIoT™ device modules provide the flexibility you need to apply a wide range of sensors and control systems needed to collect and deliver quality data to the cloud

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Our IoT Software solution makes it easy to deploy & manage your devices using over-the-air updates and real-time configuration

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Our Cloud solution makes sure you can setup and manage any number of devices from anywhere, utilizing the highest security measures

AES provides everything you need to control your IoT application from device to cloud.

The minIoT™ full-stack IoT platform is fully integrated and offers all of the building blocks – hardware, software, connectivity and security needed to create a comprehensive IoT solution, making it easy to deploy and manage any number of devices for your IoT application.

Our proprietary minIoT™ serves as the platform backbone, integrating all the components you need into single solution for connecting, monitoring and managing your industrial or commercial assets from the cloud.

Our system’s flexibility enables us to customize it to meet your business needs and make sure you scale up quickly from proof-of-concept to a full-scale commercial IoT deployment.

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AES provides a Full-Stack solution integrated across all components of the IoT value chain. Our platform includes wide variety of disciplines such as IoT hardware, wireless connectivity, IoT protocols and security, as well as integrating them all together

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Compatible for multiple IoT applications, our platform can be easily customized to fit your system’s requirements and specific needs while ensuring your IoT solution is scalable for future deployments  

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IoT security is all about protecting your connected devices. The AES IoT platform is backed with the highest security measures. for IoT devices, from hardware through to connectivity and into the cloud

Everything you need to control your IoT application from device to cloud

AES Process for IoT
Deployment with minIoT™

  • Align IoT solution with Business Goals
  • minIoT™ specific System
  • Define App specific SIO & Enclosure
  • minIoT™ modules selection & configuration
  • Define & Construct Cloud Connectivity
  • Cover Security needs
  • Device configuration
  • Device Management
  • Regulations / Certifications
  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  •  V&V

AES provides the experience, expertise and technology that simplifies your IoT development and deployment, reducing your risk and making sure you realize the value of IoT in the connected world.


Versatile Devices For IoT Applications

minIoT™ Edge Computing backed with AI and Machine learning algorithms is the solution you need to ensure critical actions and processes, bringing intelligence close to where things are and actions take place.

Begin Your Journey To IoT Value Realization Today

Agriculture & Digital Farming

Logistics & Asset Tracking




aes is powering some of the biggest companes in the world

Some companies take you to the cloud,
AES takes you way beyond

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