µnIoT™ powerful CPU flexible FLASH memory size, combined with optimized antenna(s) offers the perfect solution for BLE, NFC and Cellular (LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS) connectivity, small, low power, smart sensing and monitoring, highly accurate applications

Key features

  • Secured boot and secured FOTA
  • Cloud computing and AI support
  • OS choices – Bare-metal, Zephyr, embOS, Windows,Linux, Android 
  • Cortex M4 32bit with 2GB external flash memory
  •  Communications:
    • 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) [Optional]
    • Cellular:
      • LTE Cat M1 (589kbps (DL), 1.12Mbps(UL)
      • Cat NB2 136kbps (DL), 150kbps (UL)
      • EGPRS 296kbps (DL), 236.8kbps (UL)
    • BLE 5.0 Multiprotocol (Mesh, Long Range, Thread, Ant., NFC)
      • Programmable output power from -20dBm to +8dBm configurable in 4 dB steps 
      • Option to expand output power to 21.5dBm in 1 dB steps
      • -95 dBm sensitivity in 1 Mbps Bluetooth ® low energy mode 
      • -103 dBm sensitivity in 125 kbps Bluetooth ® low energy mode
    • Security – TrustZone®, CryptoCell
  • Power consumption 20mW
  • Expansion ports – SPI, I2C, UART, Analog Inputs and GPIO via AES’ gBUS standard connector

aes is powering some of the biggest companes in the world

Some companies take you to the cloud.
AES takes you way beyond.

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