With a wide range of industry applications, our full-stack, integrated IoT solution enables you to quickly increase efficiency, increase capacity and improve the quality you deliver to your customers

Agriculture / Digital Farming

The Internet of Things is transforming the agriculture sector as we know it today by providing farmers with innovative smart farming solutions that to help improve the efficiency of their everyday work.

AES minIoT™ sensor to cloud platform enables smarter, faster and more accurate irrigation and fertigation of crops with digital farming solutions. Farmers can now easily monitor, analyze and automate their irrigation from wherever they are, ensuring the most precise irrigation and fertigation.

With full visibility of environmental conditions enabled by sensor data and analytics, farmers can now monitor all soil, weather, crop, environmental and hydraulic conditions, by receiving real-time updates on their field conditions. Powered by minIoT™, our platform enables full control of yields optimization while increasing productivity and saving valuable resources.

Utilities/ Smart Metering

IoT solutions for smarter energy consumption and management is revolutionizing how utility companies are managing their assets, helping them address challenges surrounding energy consumption and usage (electricity, gas and water).

AES minIoT™ sensor to cloud platform for Smart Metering applications, enables utility companies to more effectively plan and manage energy distribution, improve asset utilization, capacity planning and reduce overall downtime.

By providing remote continuous measurement and diagnostics of energy consumption, smart meters embedded with minIoT™ enable optimal consumption management, load reduction during maximum consumption times, availability of consumer usage information, real-time detection of problems and alerting capabilities, all aimed at optimizing operational costs and making sure consumers stay safe.

Industrial / Smart Tools

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming traditional manufacturing as we know it today. While factory uptime is critical for successful operation, it is important to monitor different parameters at the product line, machine and tool level to ensure that the performance of your assets is maintained. Not only can connected assets improve operational efficiencies, they can also provide actionable insights for machine and tool manufacturers regarding the performance of their products anywhere in the world.

AES minIoT™ advanced AI and Deep Pattern Learning algorithms backed with high Precision Sensing capabilities reveal real value added possibilities in the form of Smarter Analysis and Automated Decision-making between connected industrial assets. Our ability to detect & analyze even the smallest signals in noisy environments enables more accurate, sensitive, and differentiated data, critical for accurate and immediate decision making and Predictive Maintenance capabilities, allowing you to monitor machine health and plan maintenance before failures actually occur.

Healthcare / Wearables

Working with worldwide healthcare and wearable device manufacturers, AES is making it possible to connect individuals and devices to enable better visibility into health diagnostics data and produce actionable insights that improve peoples health and wellbeing.

One of the greatest benefit of IoT-enabled wearable healthcare devices is that they provide individuals with the information they need to gain better control over their health and fitness outcomes allowing more informed decisions to be made. 

As many of these devices are wearable, carried by individuals throughout the day, it is critical to remove the barriers of size and weight to enable smaller, more responsive technology compatible for this task.  

minIoT™ modules offer the perfect solution for wearable technology connectivity by providing advanced processing capabilities with the smallest footprint to enable smaller, more responsive, low-power performance within size. 

Logistics/ Asset Tracking

The IoT is a key enabler when is comes to optimizing logistics and tracking assets throughout the supply chain.
As the global logistics landscape is becoming more complex and the demand for being on time – on target is growing, businesses must adopt new technologies that are able to accurately track assets as they move throughout the supply chain and make sure they arrive on schedule and in healthy conditions.

AES minIoT™ sensor to cloud platform enables effective logistics and asset tracking throughout the entire supply chain by providing real-time visibility and analytics of quickly changing conditions.
Our advanced modules and sensors track temperature, moisture, vibration including additional operating and environmental conditions during shipping, ensuring that assets are transported properly and maintenance is carried out when needed.

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