gpIoT™ powerful CPU, combined with optimized antenna(s) offers the perfect solution for BLE and NFC connectivity, small, low power, smart sensing and monitoring, highly accurate, battery & AC operated applications

Key features

  • Secured boot and secured FOTA
  • Cloud computing and AI support
  • OS choices – Bare-metal, Zephyr, embOS
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F @ 64MHz with up to 256MB external flash memory
  •  Communications:
    • BLE 5.1 Multiprotocol (Mesh, Long Range, Thread, Ant., NFC, Direction finding)
      • Programmable output power from +8dBm to -20dBm
      • -95 dBm sensitivity in 1 Mbps Bluetooth ® low energy mode
      • -103 dBm sensitivity in 125 kbps Bluetooth ® low energy mode (long range) 20 to +8 dBm TX power, configurable in 4 dB steps
    • Security – TrustZone®, CryptoCell
  • Support supplying variable voltage outputs through AES’ gBUS standard connector
  • USB2.0 micro Type B connector
  • Power consumption 2mW
  • Expansion ports – SPI, I2C, UART, Analog Inputs and GPIO via AES’s gBUS standard connector
  • Battery charging and protection sub-system

aes is powering some of the biggest companes in the world

Some companies take you to the cloud.
AES takes you way beyond.

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